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Your Lake Kissimmee Adventure Awaits

Explore Florida Wildlife Grape Hammock Airboat tours has taken fun and adventure to the next level, with your epic journey starting on the south end of Lake Kissimmee and with a few spins along the way, your heart is sure to be pumping!

Florida Airboat Tours

You will jump aboard our Airboat where you will cruise along the marshes and take in the beautiful surrounds. Lake Kissimmee is known for its lunker bass, and spectacular scenery.

When you take a trip on one of Grape Hammock’s nature tours in Central Florida, such as Florida airboat tours(airboat alligator tour), you might catch gators wading in the water, sunbathing on the shore, sneaking up on a meal, or hatching from their shells. Besides gators, you could cruise past all sorts of native, endangered, and exotic creatures on your Central Florida airboat ride, including: various birds (such as eagles, snail kites, wood storks, egrets, herons, ducks), deer (native and exotic), hogs, turtles, turkeys and snakes.

Our USCG captains are native Floridians, born and raised on Lake Kissimmee. The best airboat tours take you along the shoreline of Florida’s third largest lake, through the back-water marshes and around unique fresh water islands. The boat is equipped with audio communication headset. It’s time to REALLY get your adrenaline pumping. You’ll be left smiling from ear to ear as you spin and glide across the mud, powered by that huge V8 engine!

Our airboat nature tour offers a great view from every seat, giving you one of the best airboat rides in Florida!

Ready to Rock


Times vary depending on the weather and the wildlife. We want you to have a great trip….most of our new customers come from recommendations from others!


Departure Location: Grape Hammock Fish Camp Office (1400 Grape Hammock Road, Lake Wales; off of Highway 60) We are approximately 25 miles east of Lake Wales and 23 miles west of Yeehaw Junction
Arrival: 15 minutes prior to departure
Duration: 1-hour to 1-hour and 15 minutes
What to bring: Hat, sunglasses, camera, sunscreen, and binoculars come in handy.


ADULT (OVER 8 YEARS): $45 per person
CHILDREN (UNDER 8 YEARS): $30 per person

* prices listed are before sales tax

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Kevin was born and raised on Lake Kissimmee. After graduating from college, he came home to run the family business and started giving awesome airboat rides on Lake Kissimmee. For over 20 years, he has shared his love and knowledge of the lake with his riders!

Kevin’s knowledge of the Lake, and wildlife make it up close and personal.


Like his younger brother, Barrett has always called Lake Kissimmee home. His background in environmental science is helpful as he points out the animals and landscapes unique to this area.

Barrett has an amazing knack of knowing where to find the gators, knowledge of all the birds, snakes, fishes and history of the area.


Some people find the airboat a little loud, but don’t worry–Grape Hammock provides each of our guests with microphone headsets to communicate with each other and protect our ears from the loud sound. It’s all included in the price.
How long does the airboat ride last?
The airboat ride typically lasts between 1 hour and 1 hour and 15 minutes in the water. This gives you ample time to search for and explore all of the beautiful nature!
Are the airboats really loud?
Some people find the airboat a little loud, but don’t worry–Grape Hammock provides each of our guests with microphone headsets to communicate with each other and protect our ears from the loud sound. It’s all included in the price.
What should we bring with us?
We recommend bringing sunglasses and an extra layer of clothing, just in case it gets cool outside. Of course, there will be tons of opportunities for photos as you travel, so be sure to bring a camera!
What days do you run airboat tours?
We run airboat tours 7 days a week during the season. The rest of the year is 6 days a week, weather permitting. Please call the office to see if there is a particular day available.
Where are our nature tours located?
Because our airboat rides start from the south end of Lake Kissimmee, we have easy access to the headwaters of the Florida Everglades. This part of the state’s wetlands is ideal for gators during the mating, breeding, dry, and wet seasons.
When’s the best time to see gators on the tours?
The best time to see alligators are during the cooler months: December through April. During this time, the gators have to use sunlight to warm themselves so it’s easier to see them. During the summer and early fall months, it may be too hot to see wildlife and there is less of a chance to see gators. If you have more questions on the best times to go, please contact us.
Who leads our Central Florida nature tours?

Our USCG Captains lead each and every nature tour at Grape Hammock. Captain Kevin and Captain Barrett, Florida natives and locals to the area, have experience, education, and training that helps them provide the most unique airboat experience to everyone on board.

What else do you need to know about the tours?

Tour Length: Our airboat nature tours run roughly one hour, giving you more than enough time to cruise through the Glades and get to know the local land. Tour Noise: To block out noise from the airboat engine and make it easier to communicate on the tour, we supply microphone headsets to every person on board.

Tour Gear: Wear whatever is most comfortable for you on the ride. We recommend bringing along some extra sun protection, a lightweight jacket, and a camera.

Tour Dates: You can hop on a tour any day during the season. And during the rest of the year. Tours are available six days a week.

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What People Are Saying…

We had a fantastic tour with Kevin! He did a great job pointing out the wildlife and finding gators for us to see. We got really close to all sizes of gators from 11 ft long to a couple feet! I highly recommend going for an airboat ride with them. His wife Lacey was super sweet too and fit us in the schedule on short notice! Thank you both for a fun experience for our whole family!

This air boat tour is well managed, and professionally run.
The knowledge of the Lake, and wildlife make it personal,and up close .
The loop around Brahma Island was rewarded with views of large deer with antlers still in velvet, a Tom turkey strutting and more Bald Eagles than we could count.
Very worth the time and money.

I started visiting Grape Hammock with my parents and grandparents as a child over 30 years ago. I have been back multiple times as an adult to visit. It’s a very family friendly place. My 3 boys loved the airboat tour. Captain Barrett was great at pointing out the native wild life (gators, bald eagles, deer, Buffalo, turtles, etc). I would highly recommend it. The Chandley family that own and operate the camp and airboat tours are amazing and will treat you like family.

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